Whether you will be renting with a roommate or not, you will come to the realization that there is the possibility of renting an apartment with two bathrooms. It has its obvious advantages, but it will also be a bit pricier, so you should try to balance these two out.

This article will guide you through the process of deciding whether you want an apartment with one bathroom or one with two bathrooms. Most apartments in Deerfield il only have one bathroom, though.

If you are going to rent the place with a roommate, the first thing you should consider is privacy. Since you will both have to share a bathroom, it may not be as comfortable as you would imagine. Both of you would have your medication, cosmetics, needs, schedule and maybe it would be a better idea to have two bathrooms as long as you can afford them.

Also, what are you going to do when the toilet clogs, for instance? Or the pipes break down? Or anything that could affect your routine in any way happens? Both of you will have no backup, and since you are probably going to have a busy life as well, this would not be convenient at all.

However, if you are going to live alone, this does not necessarily mean that you will not need a second bathroom at all. Firstly, you need one in case you will be receiving guests. You will also feel the need for privacy, even though you may not always be having guests.

And even when you are alone, you will eventually need a backup toilet since something will break down, leaving you ‘disabled’. But you can always arrange something on the spot if anything goes wrong with your bathroom. You may find a place nearby that has a public toilet as long as it is urgent. Many apartments for rent have a hallway bathroom too.

And if you have finally decided that you want an apartment with two bathrooms, as long as you are living one, a half bathroom will be enough too. But if you are looking for a place with two bathrooms, would a half bathroom be enough in this case?

Most inhabitants would probably say that yes, it is enough. People are mostly looking for a sink and a toilet and these two items alone should be able to satisfy their needs, which is why some Deerfield Il apartments are that small.

Thus, making this choice is more of a matter of comfort vs. budget. Buy or rent, go for whichever one you are going to be most comfortable with while also preserving your budget as much as possible. Of course, your budget is going to be your primary and most important consideration, and you should keep that in mind.